Monday, April 5, 2010

Vwaza Game Reserve: A Perfection of Beauty

Vwaza Game Reserve hides itself delightfully from the busy life of town, approximately 30Km South-West of Rumphi Boma. tremors 065 Situated in low lying area south east of Nyika, Vwaza seems to have perfected the beauty of its own class throughout its entire area of 1000Km2. It boasts of beautiful scenery characterized by herds of various species of animals. Common in the Game Reserve are the Hippos which register a strong presence and population.  Other animals found there are elephants, kudus, warthogs, buffaloes, elands and impalas. tremors 050Occasional sightings of lions are observed if you go deep into the Reserve and that will possibly cost you a great deal of your time before you see one.  Crocodiles are also spotted. Birdlife is largely supported by the presence of herons, starlings and storks. Their presence is a “must watch” experience for all bird-watchers right from the lake to the surrounding woodland.
Lake Kazuni is a significant addition to the beauty of Vwaza Game tremors 055 Reserve as it displays its splendor shyly from the marshy wetlands. It is a favourite spot for all those who don’t want to walk or drive around the Reserve. Most animals and birds come to kill their thirst away here. The South Rukuru floodplains are a spectacular beauty to watch as the sun decides to set behind them.
Guided Tours:
tremors 135 4x4 trucks are a major type of transport to use when driving around the Game Reserve. It is strongly advised to hire personnel from the Game Reserve for all tours. Staffs are friendly and ready to assist throughout your tour.
One Safari Lodge is available to cater for visitors. It is an ideal place dominated tremors 056 by the tranquility of the lake just a few meters away. The chalets are designed in a Traditional way and en-suite. They are more airy so that you experience the tranquil nature of Kazuni that drives you into peaceful dreams of accomplishment. Truly, Vwaza is a gem for all Safari lovers. A diesel generator is the only source of electricity available and paraffin lamps are widely used when dusk sets in.
Best vehicles to drive to Vwaza are 4x4’s. Public transports are available but tremors 037 not always on schedule. It takes 7-8 hours driving from Malawi’s capital city and 2-3 hours from Mzuzu city. Air charters are available upon request which will reduce time to 80-90 minutes from Lilongwe and 25-30 minutes from Mzuzu. The Game Reserve has an Airstrip which is situated not far from the Lodge.
Fact File:
Time Zone         : GMT+2
Location            : Northern Malawi
Area                  :1000 Square Kilometers
Languages         :Chichewa,Tumbuka,Tonga,English
Currency            :Malawi Kwacha
Distance            :30Km West of Rumphi
Visa                  :Inquire from your embassy
Weather            : Available at
Accommodation :Chalets Available (all en-ensuite)
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