Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Useful Nursing Tips to Handle an Angry Patient

Author: ValteJohn

One of the most satisfying and, at the same time, most demanding and challenging professions is none other than the nursing profession.  The reason why we call nursing profession as the noblest of all professions is that, as a nurse, you can make an impact in a patient's life and convert him or her back to a normal person as he or she was before becoming a patient.

What is the challenge in a nursing profession?  As a nurse, you will be entrusted with the responsibility of extending all possible assistance and help in supporting the patient during the treatment period.  The nurse should act as a conduit between the patient and the doctor, and do all such duties with care and dedication such that the patient recovers from the ailment.

Be it in the nursing home, dispensary, emergency ward, or in general ward, a nurse has to interact with a number of patients and attend to their requirements with patience and care with the primary objective of helping them get cured from the ailments.  People with different types of problems will be seeking medical assistance and, as a nurse, it becomes essential that they are treated with compassion, love and affection, during the time of treatment.  All people will not be the same and the challenges in dealing with the patients is the most demanding aspect in the profession.

How should a nurse deal with an angry patient?
Some patients, who are admitted into the hospital and provided in-house treatment, might express anger and even not co-operate with the medical treatment some times. They could turn violent and even abuse the attending nurse or other members in the hospital, as a result of anger.

As a nurse, you cannot shirk responsibility and stay away from the patient or refrain from giving treatment to that patient.  In most cases, it is sheer frustration or unhappiness over some surrounding events might be the reason for anger.  Even fear about the disease or its consequences might also cause anger in the patient.

You should exercise utmost restraint while dealing with an angry patient.  This will be a real challenge and test for your patience and compassion.  It will also be a test to your dedication to the profession and your earnest willingness to make an impact in that patient's life.

As a nurse entrusted with the responsibility of extending care and assistance to a patient, you should not react negatively or with anger over an angry patient.  You should try to take him or her into confidence, analyze or assess the reason for anger and help the patient get over the anger.  In most cases, it has been found that anger is nothing but a wild reaction to a sense of insecurity, fear or even doubt.  As a nurse, it becomes imperative on your part to find out the cause for fear or doubt in the mind of the patient, and do all such things or say soothing words such that the fear or doubt in the mind is eliminated.

Taking the patient into confidence, saying some compassionate words and assuring the patient of your best possible assistance and care might help alleviate patient's anger to a certain extent.

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