Friday, April 16, 2010

Sharp Develops Four-Primary-Color 3D LCD


Sharp Corporation has developed the world’s first four-primary-color 3D LCD featuring the industry’s highest brightness with extremely low undesirable double-contour “ghost” images referred to as crosstalk. By wearing special 3D glasses, viewers can enjoy impressive 3D images with an exceptionally realistic sense of depth. Sharp’s move is seen as a wav of LCD technology likely to open up new market fronts for 3DTVs.

The principle behind Sharp’s 3D LCDs is the use of a system based on time-sequential display technology with special active liquid crystal shutter glasses where images intended for the left and right eye are displayed on the LCD screen sequentially, alternating between the two perspectives.

Sharp has created a wide range of LCD application products by developing innovative LCD technologies, and has been the driving force in the flat-panel display market since first mass-production of LCD for an electronic calculator in 1973.

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