Friday, April 16, 2010

Microsoft’s Kin One and Kin Two Smartphones

Technology revolving around Smartphones refuses to die. Microsoft has recently showcased two new brands of Smarphones- KIN One and KIN Two, targeting people who are actively navigating their social lives by providing social networking access along with high speed sharing of media and data. Both Kin One And Kin Two offer a Loop feature that updates the social networking sites every 15 minutes with new photos and messages. The service is brought to life through partnerships with Verizon Wireless, Vodafone and Sharp Corporation.

“Working closely with our partners, we saw an opportunity to design a mobile experience just for this social generation — a phone that makes it easy to share your life moment to moment. We built KIN for people who live to be connected, share, express and relate to their friends and family. This social generation wants and needs more from their phone. KIN is the one place to get the stuff you care about to the people you care about most.” said Robbie Bach, president of the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft in a statement available at Microsoft’s website.

The statement further says that KIN will be the first Windows Phone to feature a Zune experience — including music, video, FM radio and podcast playback. Customers using Zune software on their PC can listen to millions of songs from Zune Marketplace on their KIN while on the go, or load their personal collection. KIN also has other features customers want in a phone including a rich browser with the ability to share pieces of the Web, local and Web search by Bing, and an RSS feed reader to pull down information on people and stories from the Web.

Information also available at Stockwatch says KIN One offers QWERTY keyboard on a slide panel and a touch screen measuring 2.6-inch with a display of 320 x 240. It has a storage capacity of 4GB, a 5 mega-pixel camera with flash and SD video recording  and inbuilt Zune media player along with cloud-based data uploading access through the website of the KIN Studio. The KIN Two similarly has QWERTY keyboard on a slide panel and cloud-based data uploading support. It has a 3.4-inch touch screen which gives a resolution of 480 x 320 and storage capacity of 8GB. The phone features a camera with a resolution of 8.0 mega pixels with HD video recording. It also also offers Zune HD media player for video and music playback along with an FM radio. The OS of the device is easy to navigate and appeals the users.

Launching  of the handsets is expected in May in the US while Europe is expected by third quarter of 2010. 



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