Monday, April 5, 2010

In Search of Job? Get some Tips on Interviews


There is nothing as worrisome as job hunting. It gives headache each time one receives animage  invitation. Barely a day passes by without meeting people coming in and out of Interview rooms with folders or envelops firmly gripped in their hands. Why do these job interviews always seem tougher even after attending several of them? Each time we think of going for an interview there seems some restlessness in the mind of the interviewee. Here are a few tips to prepare yourself:

Know the Company

There is nothing foolish than not knowing the company which has called you for interviews. Make a thorough research of what the company does and possibly the distribution of its offices in your country. This will be your PLUS if you relate what you know about the company with your answers.  Prior knowledge of the company will drain the hassle of last minute search for company profile.

Are you ready for the interview?

Imagine some of the questions you are most likely to meet and make some responses. Improve on some points in order to defend your points. Some interviewers will try to gauge how consistent and sure you are about what you have just answered. Get facts and use examples where necessary to defend your points. You’re selling yourself and also convincing the interviewers to consider you among other candidates. Take your time to prepare.

On the Day

Dress properly. Make sure your dressing is neat. Is it in line with the dressing code of the company you are going for an interview? Get someone to comment.  Shabby looking will earn you a MINUS!


Remember your credentials. Take all your certificates and copies of resume with you. Alsoimage include a pen and paper where you can write some important points during the interview. Put all credentials in one place such as a good folder or envelope.

Arrive On Time

Know where the Interviews will take place in advance. Beat the killer. Arriving late for an interview just because you were busy searching to locate the venue only adds up pressure on yourself. Why should you arrive at the venue for interview sweating profusely? Advance knowledge of the venue helps you to know how you can get there and how long you can take. Arrive at least ten minutes or more earlier.

Don’t Panic

Relax and be as calm as possible. Set yourself for the interview and focus on it. There is nothing to panic for. Listen to what the interviewer is asking and pay as much attention as possible. Maintain eye contact with your interviewer or else you will be considered as not paying attention.

Be Polite

Answer questions politely. Be truthful in all your answers. If you don’t know the answer, do not hesitate to tell the interviewer that you don’t know. The truth shall always set you free. Do not add more information to your answers which will eventually lead to further questions which you will not be able to explain. Don’t trick yourself by posing to be more wiser.

Thank You and Follow Up

Always say thank you or follow up with a note expressing how thankful you are for being considered for the interview. Most interviewers will tell you when the results will be released.

Remember, you are selling yourself. A good conduct throughout the interview ranging from dressing to answering will matter.

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