Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to Survive the 5 Phases of Break-up and Move On

The break-up of a relationship usually has five notable levels. You should be aware of the various levels and how you can get over them without being overwhelmed. This article will briefly take you through them to help you be better prepared.

Whenever you get some kind of bad news, both your body and mind react such that you can manage to wade through and proceed with your life. In order for you to adjust well, you need to respond appropriately in one level in order to prepare you for the next one. Here are the phases you will go through.

1) Denial

When you experience a break-up, the first reaction is usually that of denial. You may find it very difficult to accept what has just taken place. However, in order to move on, you will need to come to terms with the situation and accept that you have broken up. This may be difficult, but it is what will put you on the path towards healing.

2) Anger

Once you have come to terms with the break-up, you won't automatically feel good. This just leads to the next phase - anger. You will need to know how to manage the seething anger you will most likely feel. Otherwise this phase may end in a lot of damages, both to your relationship and physical things. You should deliberately maintain a lower profile in order to prepare for the next phase.

3) Bargaining

After you have overcome your anger, you will feel a strong urge to do some kind of bargaining. However, this is something that you should resist. If you keep yourself from begging your ex, you will come out with your self respect intact. This will help you to move on with your life with relative ease.

4) Sorrow

This is a very challenging phase of a break-up. It is normal to feel great sorrow after you have broken up, but you should not let it overwhelm you. You must make a conscious effort to go over the great sorrow you are bound to feel as quickly as possible. In case you find it difficult to manage the sorrow on your own, you should seek professional assistance.

5) Acceptance

In order for you to get completely healed after a break-up, you need to reach the acceptance level. You will be stronger when you finally accept what has taken place and focus on the best moments you shared with your ex instead of the break-up itself.

Even when you would like to mend your broken relationship, you can not possibly achieve this before you actually accept what has taken place. All the phases are important, but they all boil down to this level. Accepting the break-up is what will help you to move on.


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