Thursday, April 15, 2010

Enhance Your Interview Skills and Get a New Job or Much Awaited Promotion!

 By Irsan Gao

Most of us spend our adulthood working for a living. We wish to make out the most for our life and this will require us to get most out of the work we do. For this, it is required for a person to set a goal for a good career.

There are number of career opportunities in the market these days. All you have to do is to get more specialized and create a demand for your expertise. You should gain the required qualifications and improve your knowledge, experience and skills so as to increase your price in the market. Your knowledge and experience will gain you a good and responsible position. You will have to spend lot of time, put in lots of efforts to improve your marketability. This will in turn increase your demand and the earning capacity, automatically.

You should endeavor to promote your skills, expertise and abilities so that they are recognized by the outside world and you remain in constant demand. You must be able to communicate your past experiences and your abilities in an interview, to the prospective employer.

When you go for an interview for a particular post, there may be certain people working in the department, with whom you are expected to adjust and proceed. Hence, it is very important for you to make an impression on the prospective employer that you are very cordial, easy going and tolerant and you can adjust yourself within the existing group. This does not require you to stoop down but you should not portray yourself as awkward, stubborn and aggressive.

You should be able to infuse confidence in the prospective employer that you will work for him loyally with total commitment. The prospective employer should get an assurance that you will transfer all your loyalty from the previous employer to the new institution and its employer.

You should convince your prospective employer that your overhead cost will result in surplus that will certainly exceed the cost of your employment. It is utmost important on your part to justify your appointment to the prospective employer and make him realize that you will prove profitable to the company, over a period of time.

To make yourself placed within the short listed names, you should be able to sell yourself fairly and honestly with your striking and appealing interviewing skills. You must endeavor to develop certain basic skills that are required by a successful interviewee which when combined with the work experience and other abilities will place you in the top class position with ease. You can project your skills in any conference, meeting, presentation or even over phone. This may not be usually possible by the words in your resume alone.

You can take for granted that all the interviewing skills are self fulfilling and success oriented prophesies. These skills can be easily learnt if you make constant efforts for the same. This cannot be done overnight. You should persistently aim for improvement and place yourself comfortably in the shortlist by inheriting these skills.

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