Friday, April 16, 2010

AVG Technologies establishes a presence in France

AVG Technologies, developers of the world’s most popular free anti-virus software, today announced the purchase of Square, currently the exclusive distributor of the French version of AVG Antivirus, and the opening of its office in France. Since 2001, AVG products have been distributed exclusively across France and in several other French-speaking countries by Square. 

AVG claims more than 110 million users worldwide protect their computers and networks with free or paid  AVG products. Recent information indicates that AVG Technologies boasts nearly 6000 partners, distributors and resellers worldwide, including 800 of them in mainland France. 

“The decision to purchase Square to begin establishing offices in France was a logical one, given that Square has always been marketing our solutions locally. By establishing a local presence in France, we continue to show our commitment to the French domestic market. The strong success of AVG, both with general consumers as well as small businesses, administrative bodies, local authorities and other organizations, is further proof of AVG’s leadership solution in terms of quality, performance and price.”said J.R. Smith, CEO, AVG Technologies in the Press Release available on AVG’s website. 

AVG Technologies is the world's fourth largest supplier of antivirus solutions in terms of installed user base and expects in 2010 it will continue to evaluate and respond to global market needs by expanding its technologies and ensuring an ever-growing consideration of user languages and an ever-expanding compatibility with host operating systems.

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