Tuesday, April 6, 2010

AVG Rescue CD: A Powerful Solution

AVG Rescue CD is another powerful product from Antivirus Software giants. It is a ‘Must-have’ toolset for rescue and repair of infected machines to all those who set security of their machines at high priority. It is designed that even a novice can use to salvage unredeemable condition of their machines thereby prompting the user to recover data that would have been lost by reformatting the hard disk. Compatibility with different versions of operating systems like Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, and various Windows Server editions is another reason why the AVG Rescue CD offers its users the intuitive feel of what a Rescue CD should be.
The AVG Rescue CD comes in two versions, the CD version and USB drive version. All you need to do is burn the software onto a CD or use a USB disk. In order for your computer to boot from these devices, change BIOS settings to allow it boot from such devices.
The Recue CD provides the following features:

  1. System recovery from virus and spyware infections to help find and remove the infection on your hard drive.

  2. Compatibility with MS Windows and Linux OS, both FAT32 and NTFS file systems. This feature enables the AVG Rescue CD to load on Linux or Windows based machines.

  3. It can perform a clean boot from CD and USB stick.

  4. Administration tools which include Windows Registry Editor, TestDisk (powerful hard disk drive recovery tool), Ping to test availability of network resources among other features.
The AVG Rescue CD is a free-to-use product that anyone can download at AVG.COM. This also covers any new program versions and virus database updates plus the full technical support.
Reference: Avg.com

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