Monday, April 5, 2010

The Annoying Experience of Getting SPAM

Have you been getting the annoyance of receiving SPAM in your mailbox? Almost everyday our mailboxes play host to hundreds of thousands of unsolicited mail that keeps on infiltrating our mailboxes as the sender pleases.
Most of Email Service Provider have filters which send suspected SPAM to Junk or Spam Folder. At certain times, the filters have wrongly sent mail from trusted sources to Junk but, this can be corrected by adding the sender to Safe Senders’ list. Options are also available for you to modify settings for SPAM. If you are using Yahoo, here is how you can block senders from invading your mailbox with SPAM:

  • Login to your Yahoo email account

  • Got to Options and select Mail Options

  • Click SPAM

  • Click to place a check on Control Spam Guard and select and set it to Automatically send suspected SPAM to my SPAM folder

  • Go to Blocked Email Addresses, enter address of sender you want to block and click add. Note that all emails you add will not be delivered to your mailbox

  • After adding the email addresses, click on Save Changes to effect changes made.
You can use the same process to block some Chat ID’s. This setting prevents unwanted chat messages by blocking some people who keep pestering you with unnecessary chats:

  • Follow steps above and go to Blocked Chat ID’s

  • Click on Block chat messages from anyone who is not in my contacts or

  • Block chat messages only from people listed below. You can add a list of people you want to block here

  • Once done, remember to save your new settings by clicking on “Save Changes”.
Be smart. Take action. Fight SPAM. Your annoying experience of getting SPAM from infiltrating your mailbox is just a click away!

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