Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why Weblogs are so SE Friendly and Profitable

We all know that the more quality, unique content we can create the better off we will be. We also know the power of social marketing. There are many reasons for the increased popularity of blogs in the SE's and with everyday people. But I will go into detail about the top two which are:
-Frequent Unique Content Updates:  Whether you use wordpress, blogger or some other blog service; the main theme is the same, an organized way to distribute your own unique content to the masses in a journal type format. When you create new content on a normal web site you must first come up with a style then add Meta tags etc. With a blog all of this is done for you and you can concentrate on the most important thing, content. Many bloggers go a step further and place other peoples articles on their blog on a daily basis. These articles are taken from article directories and the signature block must be added along with the article body. This creates the opportunity to create a massive web site with very little work.

-Viral Marketing: Since most blogs are updated frequently with unique content, many people keep up with their favorite ones. The same people tell their friends who tell there friends and on and on. This is basic viral marketing and it is one of the best things that can happen to a web site. A personalized blog that provides valuable information on any particular thing can very easily start a viral marketing trend.
If you can make a post everyday to your blog and get the SE spiders coming back frequently; they will continue to see the new content and give you higher SERP placement. Find one of the many Google Adsense plugins and install it. Now you have people coming to your blog, clicking on your ads and making you money.
The popularity of blogs has grown at an alarming rate in the past few years and I believe that it will continue to grow for a very long time. If you are into Internet marketing and you have not yet started a blog it would be a wise decision to do so. If you do not even know what Internet marketing is, its ok. You can get your own free blog and set it up very easily to start making money right away.

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