Saturday, February 20, 2010

File Backup

In computing, File Backup means creating and storing a copy of computer files separate from the usual or original location. The reason for Backing up files is to protect them from being permanently lost or changed in the event of virus or malware attacks, system crash or unintentional/accidental deletion. All file backups can be restored on to your system with ease which means that you can still maintain a copy of the original file. Many devices with software programs are available these days to help us backup our files. It is the user’s choice about which files they should back up however, it is strongly advisable to back up something difficult to replace. Regular (i.e. weekly or daily) backups are good if you so often change or modify files.

Where to backup:
This option depends much on the user’s choice but some common ways of where to backup include:

• External Hard Disk Drives:
External Hard drives are not uncommon these days and play a crucial role in file backups. You can configure your system to have automatic backups or you can manually do so. An External drive with high capacity is recommended.

• Internal Hard Disk Drive:
Where the user decides to install a second hard drive for backups only. It is strongly not advisable to back up data on the same drive that your OS is installed because, in the event of system crash, all data will be lost.

• USB Flash Disks:
You can back up some files on USB flash disks but the user should make sure that the flash disk is not used for other things than file backup. It should be known here that flash disks are writeable so viruses can easily find their way in and destroy data if not properly secured. The amount of data to backup depends on the flash disk’s capacity.

• Writeable DVD’s or CD’s:
Writeable discs are recommended for ease of adding, deleting and modifying data. Labeling the discs is much better because one easily knows what data is available on the discs. Remember to keep the discs in a fireproof environment away from your computer.

The user should always make sure that or backup media are kept in a secure place to prevent any further loss or unauthorized access by other people.

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