Thursday, November 5, 2009

Private Browsing in Firefox 3.5

Privacy is one thing that most internet users would not like to compromise. When you go on internet, your browser keeps or remembers the sites you previously visited. The information that is remembered or kept include usernames and passwords. All this is found in your browser’s history. This means that anyone clever having access to your PC can see your information or can use the very information to access your email accounts. If you are one of those people who do not like to leave a trace of the sites you visited, a better way of doing it is available. Some Internet browsers such as Firefox 3.5 or later have “Private Browsing” feature which helps you browse the internet without the browser remembering or keeping any information of the sites you previously visited. This feature only prevents your browser from remembering any data or information of those sites. This however, does not make your browsing anonymous on the internet. If you want to browse the net anonymously then there are ways of doing so which will be discussed in our subsequent posts.
This feature as already said, will not:

<>·         <>Retain internet temporary files
<>·         <>Retain cached files
<>·         <>Remember your passwords and usernames
<>·         <>Show any information entered in the search box
<>·         <>Provide list of webpages visited

To turn on Private Browsing in Firefox:

<>·         <>Open your Firefox Browser
<>·         <>Click Tools then click Start Private Browsing
<>·         <>In the confirmation window, click Start Private Browsing
<>·         <>This process activates Private Browsing mode and leads you to a Private Browsing Screen
<>·         <>You may now proceed with your Private Browsing mode.

Additional reading is available at Firefox


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