Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Blog Takes Long To Load

A web page that loads faster is a pride to any webmaster everywhere in the world. It is the Webmaster’s desire to have a website or blog that loads faster because a slow webpage or blog scares off visitors. Who on earth can afford to wait for a blog or web page to load for more than ten minutes? Time is money so they say.

Webmasters are always busy to come up with ways and means to design websites or blogs that appeal to their visitors. In this process, there are many things that webmasters consider before they design their sites. One thing that is obvious is to have a site that loads faster so that visitors never get bored as they wait for the page to load. Speed is the most critical part that webmasters should put in mind when designing their sites. It is a boring session to wait for a blog or site that takes a long time to load and many visitors may leave your blog before it completes loading. Here are some of the tips to keep going:

Images and multimedia:
They are a great ingredient in attracting visitors to your site but due to their size, images and other multimedia such as videos take longer to load and this will affect the speed at which your blog or site loads. It is necessary for any webmaster to optimize the load time:

·         Load your images from a third party provider and link them to your post. Avoid attaching too many images in your post.
·         Avoid inserting large images. It is better that you decrease the size or use thumbnails to link to them.

·         Avoid too may posts on your main page. Restrict the number of post appearing on your main page. Some restrict post on main page to five or 10. This increases the loads time.
·         Always keep your posts concise. Avoid the habit of writing articles which are too long when all you could do was a half page A4 paper. Many people get attracted to write posts which are too long but contain little food for the reader.

·         Widgets help in giving an appealing look of our blogs or websites to visitors or readers. If webmasters are not careful in the way they insert widgets, there is high possibility of getting to many widgets which will only help in slowing down the page load time.
·         Keep a minimal number of widgets on your page. It is also recommended that you use most widgets provided by your web or blog provider. External widgets from a third party should always be controlled as it takes time to connect.
·         Carefully place JavaScripts from third party in your page to avoid delays in load time.


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