Saturday, November 7, 2009

How to Recover Emails from Damaged PST File

Author: Technova

Experiencing problems in loading email folders in your MS Outlook account is a very common issue for every Outlook user. Outlook may anytime stop loading email folders into your Outlook account from the respective PST file. Following can be the well known reasons for this problem:
2 GB PST file size limitation in earlier Outlook versions (Outlook 97, 2000, or 2002)

Damage of the PST file
Whenever you face the above problem then first of all you should confirm that if the problem is due to 2GB file size limitation or not. If the problem is due to 2GB size limitation then perform the following steps to reduce the file size and get rid of the PST 2GB file size limitations:

1.Go in Offline mode by selecting the Work Offline option from the File menu in Outlook.
2.Now, delete some of the emails that you do not require for more.
3.Delete emails from Deleted Items folders and emails having large file attachments.
4.After you have deleted all of the non-required email items, go in online mode by clearing the Work
   Offline option in File menu.
5.Restart Outlook.

This time email folders are loaded successfully in your Outlook account. But, if you still face the same problem then it is quite possible that the PST file has been damaged. A PST file can get damaged anytime due to various reasons like PST file size has been exceeded the limited file size (2GB), power sabotage, adverse effects of viruses/spywares, hard disk issues, deletion of file’s header, etc. After a PST file has been damaged, you need to repair it to access email folders stored in it. You can repair the damaged PST file by using the scanpst.exe tool.

The Scanpst.exe tool is a freeware, which gets automatically installed on your computer when you install MS Outlook. You can search the tool by typing scanpst.exe in Windows Search feature. The tool quickly scans the damaged PST file and repairs it. However, the fact about the scanpst.exe tool is it can only repair the PST file having less corruption. In case of severe corruption, Scanpst.exe tool cannot repair the PST file. Therefore, if you face problem in Outlook even after repairing the PST file using scanpst.exe tool then you have to take help of any other third-party  PST Recovery software.

Third-party repair PST software can be easily obtained, with which you can efficiently repair the damaged PST file and recover email folders from it. While purchasing PST file repair and recovery software, you must evaluate the software trial version to confirm the software quality. If you feel satisfied with the output given by the trial version, then only purchase the software otherwise search for another one.

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