Friday, November 20, 2009

Firefox Communities Celebrate 5th Birthday

On 9th November, 2004 the world experienced the birth of Firefox 1.0 by Mozilla Foundation. The introduction of Firefox on the scene increased the competition in the way people choose internet browsers which best suit their interests. Since its launch 5 years ago, Firefox has been a favourite for many internet users and still ranks high today. During these five years, Firefox has seen so many improvements in order to give users a better feel of what an internet browser should be. It is more secure than other internet browsers available and has not deviated a bit from its principle of offering an open and participatory internet. Due to the wide reception all over the world, Mozilla Foundation recently released Firefox 3.5.5.

To celebrate this, Mozilla communities across the world hosted parties in a special campaign called: ‘Light the World with Firefox’. Read more here.

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