Wednesday, November 18, 2009


In a bid to continue the fight against theft on the internet or from your computer, AVG launched ID Protection to its list of products. AVG Technologies has been on the forefront in protecting computers against viruses and other malicious programs from 1991. Flexibility of AVG ID Protection is that it works together with your existing anti-virus be it AVG or another product from a different manufacturer, while it shields your valuable information from being stolen. With AVG ID Protection, your ID is safe wherever you go. The versatility of the product comes into the light when it finds a program performing suspicious tasks. When found, AVG ID Protection shuts down the program.
The program is easy to install and works around the clock spotting and blocking suspicious programs on your computer. With today's threats on the rise with each passing second, AVG ID Protection is a tool to have. The product is a commercial version however,trial version of AVG ID Protection is available for download. You can also download a free version of AVG Anti-virus free edition 9.0 here.

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