Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Voice over Internet Protocol-VoIP.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It simply means a process of transmitting voice over the internet by following internet protocols. It a new technology that is being implemented or used by most people instead of the traditional telephone method nowadays. VoIP usually works on broadband internet or DSL because it requires high speed. The service enables clients to connect their phone calls locally or internationally through traditional telephones or other VoIP users. 

You have a choice to select a computer-based VoIP or a phone based VoIP. The difference between the two services is that phone-based VoIP allows you to use traditional phone method with associated requirements while computer-based VoIP involves use of a microphone or headsets. Computer-based VoIP enables you to have control of your calls and voice-mail messages. This is mainly achieved by use of software installed on your computer for the purpose of implementing VoIP. 

All calls made through VoIP are transmitted through the internet. There are a great number of service providers who offer VoIP so the choice still rests entirely in you as a user as to which service provider you want to subscribe to. You'll need to sign up with an Internet calling service provider and make a thorough research of which service provider offers what you need. Also check system compatibility with your VoIP provider. Unfortunately, Windows Vista does not include the ability to send or receive phone calls over the Internet, but is compatible with the calling equipment and software used by most Internet calling services.

In VoIP, the voice is converted from analogue to digital by an Analogue Telephone Adapter (commonly known as ATA). The voice signals transmitted over VoIP are converted in order to meet digital requirements and are further broken into packets during transmission. The signal is later reconverted to analogue at or near the destination. VoIP offers features like:
·         Voice messages
·         Call forwarding
·         Call logs of incoming and outgoing
·         Call waiting
Call rates in VoIP are low as compared to traditional phone. Since VoIP is internet based, it is highly portable as you can always move with it on your PC which simply means that you can take it with you wherever you go.

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