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Importance Of Back Links

For many years we have all understood the importance of one-way back links to the pages of our website to help achieve a high PR (Page rank) and a place closer to the top of search engine rankings.  Sadly we will never know just how important they because no search engine reveals their ranking algorithm to the public. 

This has not stopped the brighter search engine optimisation companies from experimenting and running tests online to determine exactly what works and what doesn’t.  It is safe to assume that if an experiment succeeds in raising the ranking of a web page then that item is part of the algorithm.  By the same criteria if it has no effect on the web page ranking then it isn’t part of the algorithm.  Sadly this is the best any SEO specialist can do to make sense of what search engines are looking for at this particular time.

To take this a step further the search engines are aware that people are out here attempting to discover how to make the most of their system they regularly change their algorithm.  This has the effect of sometimes plunging pages from the first page of the search engine to the oblivion of page 100 that nobody ever searches.

Before we look for constants just take a few moments to put yourself in the shoes of the search engine managers.  Their role in life is relatively simple: You enter a search phrase like: “The Battle of The Bulge” and you expect to be taken to websites about this classic World War Two battle which proved to be Hitler’s last attempt at turning back the Allies in Western Europe.  But what if the first page that you click on is promoting Jenny Craig or some other weight loss program?

You become angry because the search engine has wasted your valuable time and eventually you will question whether that search engine is right for you and should you start searching through a rival search engine.

The search engine managers are only asking that a search is relevant to the keyword(s).  By changing the algorithm to ensure that searches remain relevant to keyword(s) they are protecting their businesses.  There is nothing wrong or underhanded in that; the only people you hear complaining are usually people that have attempted to manipulate the system for their own gain.

So what is constant about search engines that all webmasters can do to avoid losing their position?  If we can focus on these constants then surely our page will hold a steady position:

The first constant is that your webpage contains good content that is relevant to the keyword(s) you are using.  People use the internet primarily to find free information on any given subject.  For instance this article is about search engine optimisation and back links - if I were to attempt to kid the search engines that it was relevant to web design they would rightfully be angry at me.

First tip: If you have a webpage that you want to rank you must fill it with good quality, unique content and only seek to rank for relevant keywords.  The search engines will never downgrade you for this.

Now we come to back links: Why are they so important in search engine optimisation (SEO)?  Put simply the search engines send out robots 24/7 to examine websites and being robots there are certain things they are programmed to seek.  When judging the importance of a webpage the robot makes a calculation based upon keywords in the title, description and tags of the page and how often those keywords are used in the content.

But they seek something else to confirm whether what is written is of value to a searcher - their customer.  That is back links coming into the site that use the same keywords and are coming from “authority” pages.  For instance Google gives each page on the web a PR (page rank) of between zero and 10 where PR zero is a very poor page and PR 10 is a high authority site.

Tip 2: The more high PR back links you can draw to your page the more chance your page has of being classed as an authority site in the subject it is written on.  So where do you find high PR pages to get links from?  The highest ranked sites are video directories, article directories blogging sites and .edu sites.  I left edu until last because it is almost impossible to get links from educational establishments for obvious reasons.

To rank high today it is no longer possible to do it with just article marketing and blogging you desperately need videos marketing added to your arsenal.  YouTube, for instance is ranked number 2 site on the internet.  Just imagine the value of a one-way incoming link from You-Tube, using your main keyword and coming from the number 2 site online.

In recent weeks making and distributing your videos has just become robotic.

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The author of this article is a new convert to the use of videos in search engine optimisation and will show you how to get and understand  article video robot to boost your own web pages.  You can read more of his work at his website and it covers everything to improve your lifestyle from mindset thru practical marketing advice

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