Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sharp Develops and Will Introduce Modules for Digital Signage Players

Sharp Corporation has developed the LR0G951 and LR0G952 modules for digital signage players that do not have a PC unit to display digital signage content. The modules are designed to integrate the main features of a digital signage player on one main circuit board; allowing manufacturers to develop and commercialize standalone devices in the shortest time possible.
Each module consists of a main circuit board, a remote controller receiver board, and a remote controller. The main circuit board incorporates Sharp’s newly developed dedicated graphics engine, which eliminates the need for the PC unit used in conventional digital signage systems. This “PC-free” design provides for simple, convenient operation that enables power to be turned on and off without having to start up or shut down a PC, while also reducing power consumption. The graphics engine also enables a variety of animation effects with full-HD still images displayed as motion images.
The modules have the following features:
  • Modular design enables manufacturers to develop and commercialize standalone PC-free digital signage players.
  • Eliminating the need for a PC unit makes operation simple and convenient and reduces power consumption (10 W).
  • Dedicated graphics engine enables display of full-HD still images as motion images.
  • Easy editing of display content using the remote controller—an industry first.

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